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Matt Veligdan is a New York based composer whose diverse body of work can be seen on countless films, commercials and television shows. He’s worked with some of the most exciting new filmmakers (Jake Schreier, Jon Watts, Duncan Skiles) and his work has aired on Comedy Central, CBS, Tru TV, Discovery, and seen at film festivals (Sundance, Traverse City Film Festival). Whether it’s orchestral, synthetic, pop or kitsch, Matt’s music is always bold, clear and original. Check out his work to learn more.


Matt holds an MFA from NYU where he studied composition with Ira Newborn (Ace Ventura, Ferris Bueller, Naked Gun) and Deniz Hughes (Orchestrator; Interview With A Vampire).


When he’s not composing music, Matt can be found playing accordion with his band The Polka Brothers, making short films and travel docs or sailing on his Hobie 16.

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